Chapter I Strategy and Overview
Army Science and Technology Master Plan (ASTMP 1997)

2. Advanced Technology Demonstration (ATD)

ATDs are a category of technology demonstration characterized by the following: relatively large scale both in resources and complexity; operator/user involvement from planning to final documentation; testing in a real and/or synthetic operational environment; finite schedule, typically five years or less; cost, schedule, and objective performance baselines in an Army Technology Demonstration Plan approved by the DAS (R&T). Each ATD must meet or exceed exit criteria agreed upon by the warfighter and ATD Manager at program inception (well before the tests begin) before the technology in question will transition to development. The ATD approval process is shown in Figure I-28.

Figure I-28. Army ATD Process

ATDs seek to demonstrate the potential for enhanced military operational capability and/or cost effectiveness. Active participation by the TRADOC School, as well as the developer, is required throughout the demonstration. At least one demonstration at a TRADOC Battle Lab is required, and an advanced demonstration simulation is strongly encouraged, as needed. This means approximately $250 million worth of ATDs will be evaluated at the Battle Labs this year. This helps each TRADOC School to develop more informed requirements and the materiel developer to reduce risk prior to the initiation of full-scale system development. Figure I-29 shows the crosswalk of the 23 ongoing ATDs with the Army Modernization Plan Annexes, STOs (see also Annex A of Volume II), and sections of Chapter III in this volume.

Figure I-29. Correlation Between Ongoing Army ATDs and the Army Modernization Plan
ATD Army Mod Plan Annex Section ASTMP Description Section STO
Primary Secondary
Rotorcraft Pilot's Associate Aviation IEW III-D III.D.01
Battlefield Combat ID C4 IEW, Combat Maneuver, Aviation III-E III.E.07
Digital Battlefield Communications C4   III-E III.E.09
Hit Avoidance Combat Maneuver   III-G III.G.06
Composite Armored Vehicle Combat Maneuver   III-G III.G.01
Target Acquisition Combat Maneuver   III-G III.G.08
Enhanced FOGM Combat Maneuver IEW III-H III.H.03
Hunter Sensor Suite Combat Maneuver IEW III-H III.H.02
Precision Guided Mortar Munition Combat Maneuver Fire Support III-H III.H.04
Intelligent Minefield Combat Maneuver   III-M III.M.07
Total Distribution Logistics   III-O III.O.11
Objective Individual Combat Weapon Combat Maneuver   III-I III.I.01
Guided MLRS Combat Maneuver   III-N III.N.11
Vehicle Mounted Mine Detector Combat Maneuver   III-M III.M.08
Direct Fire Lethality Combat Maneuver   III-G III.G.10
Integrated Biodetection NBC   III-K III.K.03
Multispectral Countermeasures Aviation   III-D III.D.13
Air/Land Enhanced Reconnaissance and Targeting Aviation   III-D III.D.14
Battlespace Command and Control C4   III-E III.E.6
Future Scout and Cavalry System Combat Maneuver   III-G III.G.14
Multifunction Staring Sensor Suite Combat Maneuver   III-H III.H.15
Mine Hunter Killer Combat Maneuver   III-M llI.M.9
Indirect Precision Fire Fire Support   III-N III.N.18