Chapter I Strategy and Overview
Army Science and Technology Master Plan (ASTMP 1997)

4. Science and Technology Objectives (STOs)

To provide guidance to the S&T community, the Army has established a set of 200 Science and Technology Objectives (STOs). A Science and Technology Objective states a specific, measurable, major technology advancement to be achieved by a specific fiscal year (see Figure I-9).

Figure I-9. Anatomy of a STO

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It must be consistent with the funding available in the current year budget and the POM for the FYDP years. Not every worthwhile, funded technology program will be cited as a STO in part because the Army must reserve some program flexibility for the laboratory or center director to seize opportunities within his or her organization, based upon the organization's local talents and resources.

The Army uses the STOs to focus and stabilize the program, practice management by objectives, and provide feedback to our scientists and engineers regarding their productivity and customer satisfaction. STOs are reviewed annually at a Joint AMC/TRADOC meeting and then reviewed and approved by the Army Science and Technology Working Group (see Figure I-10).

Figure I-10. Science and Technology Objective (STO) Process
A STO defines a specific measurable major technology advancement to be achieved in a given fiscal year.

STOs, revised as necessary to maintain currency and consistency with economic factors, ensure TRADOC input to the planning process and provide Army leadership guidance to S&T performing organizations. All Army Planning, Programming, Budgeting, and Execution System (PPBES) submissions, including budget estimates and execution plans should comply with the STO guidance. Descriptions of current STOs are given in Volume II, Appendix A, of this document and in the Army Science and Technology Management Information System (ASTMIS).