Chapter I Strategy and Overview
Army Science and Technology Master Plan (ASTMP 1997)

3. Planning Process and Oversight

The Army's science and technology strategy, as reflected in this year's Army Science and Technology Master Plan (ASTMP), identifies the science and technology investments needed to achieve this vision and supporting objectives. It provides an action plan for mobilizing government, industry, and academic resources. The ASTMP position in the overall DoD strategic planning hierarchy is shown in Figure I-6.

Figure I-6. Hierarchy of Plans

Army leadership oversight of the Army S&T program is provided by the Army Science and Technology Advisory Group (ASTAG), which is co-chaired by the Army Acquisition Executive and the Vice Chief of Staff, Army (see Figure I-7).

Figure I-7. Army/OSD S&T Oversight

The Army Science and Technology Working Group (ASTWG) is co-chaired by the Army Science and Technology Executive (the Deputy Assistant Secretary for Research and Technology) and the Assistant Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations and Plans (Force Development). The ASTWG provides general officer level resolution of pressing S&T issues prior to meetings of the ASTAG; recommends to the ASTAG revisions to the Army's S&T vision, strategy, principles, and priorities; and reviews and approves Advanced Technology Demonstrations (ATDs) and Science and Technology Objectives (STOs) (see paragraph 4, below). The overall planning process for the Army S&T program is shown in Figure I-8. The preparation and approval of the ASTMP is shown in the upper part of the diagram, and its progress through the overall Army planning and budgeting process is shown in the lower part.

Figure I-8. Army S&T Planning Process

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