Chapter I Strategy and Overview
Army Science and Technology Master Plan (ASTMP 1997)

B. Army Vision

The Army Vision is the conceptual template that provides a common direction to the Army to develop its unique land warfare capabilities within a joint framework of doctrine and programs (see Figure I-1).

Figure I-1. Army Vision

Army Vision 2010 is the land component's response to meeting the operational concepts identified in Joint Vision 2010. Army Vision 2010 identifies the operational imperatives and enabling technologies needed for the Army to fulfill its role in achieving full spectrum dominance (see Figure I-2).

Figure I-2. Army/Joint Vision 2010

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Army Vision 2010 also provides the connectivity between Force XXI, the Army's current modernization thrust, and the Army After Next, the Army's emerging long term vision. The Army After Next is a process to frame issues vital to the development of the U.S. Army beyond 2010 to around the year 2025. This process is charged with providing the Army's senior leadership with the long-term view of the Army's future, including ensuring that the Army's long-term research and development programs connect to this vision (see Figure I-3).

Figure I-3. Army S&T Vision and Strategy