Annex F. Special Operations Technology
Army Science and Technology Master Plan (ASTMP 1997)

8. Passive Shallow Water/Terrestrial Mine, Explosive, and Booby-Trap Detection, Identification, and Neutralization Technologies

Technologies that should have the potential to provide passive, accurate, tactical detection and classification of surf zone, shallow water, and terrestrial mines, explosives, and booby-traps. Demonstrate or identify technologies that enhance the ability to destroy or disable mines and booby-traps on land and in shallow water without posing a threat to the individual operator. Technologies should be applicable to all ground and sea-bottom soil types, lead to increased detection capabilities, longer ranges, lower false alarm rates, and autonomous or stand-off capabilities. Technologies should apply to magnetic, acoustic, command-detonated, and pressure mines, as well as to future mine and fusing/detonation systems and must be transferable to man-portable, modular packages. Technologies should be applicable for land and water applications and be compatible with either timers, command detonation, or smart activation. Technologies and systems must apply to both SOF sub-missions: anti-mining and demining. Anti-mining is a combat mission where SOF identifies, marks, or neutralizes mines and booby-traps during, or just prior to, combat operations. Demining is a humanitarian assistance mission where SOF either trains-the-trainers in demining activities, or SOF trains and assists indigenous personnel to detect, mark, avoid, and neutralize mines and booby-traps in a permissive environment.

Attaching systems should demonstrate or identify technologies that provide SOF the capability to accomplish positive non-magnetic adhesion in fresh and salt water; and on dirty, uneven, non-metallic, and petroleum coated surfaces. The adhesive needs to have comparable holding/bonding properties as current adhesives are used to bond explosives to dry, smooth, non-metallic surfaces. The system must be user friendly underwater. It must retain its holding abilities in the surf zone and on an ocean/lake/river floor for an extended period of time and in extreme temperature ranges.