Annex E. International Armaments Strategy
Army Science and Technology Master Plan (ASTMP 1997)

1. Distributed Interactive Simulation (DIS)

Description: The primary mission of DIS is to define an infrastructure for linking simulation of various types at multiple locations to create realistic complex, virtual "worlds" for the simulation of highly interactive activities. This infrastructure brings together systems built for separate purposes, technologies from different eras, products from various vendors, and platforms from various Services and permits them to interoperate. DIS exercises are intended to support a mixture of virtual entities (man-in-the-loop simulators), live entities (operational platforms and test and evaluation systems), and constructive entities (wargames and other automated simulations).

Justification: The DIS infrastructure provides interface standards, communication architectures, management structures, fidelity indices, technical forums, and other elements necessary to transform heterogeneous simulations into unified seamless synthetic environments. These synthetic environments support design and prototyping, education and training, test and evaluation, emergency preparedness and contingency response, and readiness and warfighting.

Implementation: There is an agreement, in draft as of May 1995, which has the potential to contribute to ASTMP modeling and simulation goals in support of DIS standards.


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