Annex E. International Armaments Strategy
Army Science and Technology Master Plan (ASTMP 1997)

3. Advanced Materials for Short Wavelength Lasers (France)

Description: Among the Army's needs for visible and ultraviolet lasers, some optical countermeasures and standoff biological agent detection applications require substantially higher efficiencies than available with current technologies. If appropriate laser media can be developed, ongoing progress in laser diodes and diode pumping techniques can be used to provide highly efficient laser emission directly at the desired wavelengths, avoiding the need to shift frequencies from other, longer wavelength lasers. Cooperative research between the Army Research Laboratory and the Universite de Lyon, France, offers opportunities to leverage their specialized expertise to address these problems. This expertise includes the study of processes important for the stepwise pumping of short wavelength laser materials by longer wavelength diodes, and extensive knowledge of ultraviolet-emitting materials.

Justification: ARL participation in this cooperative research provides us access to the specialized experimental equipment, techniques, and expertise of the U. Lyon laser materials group.

Implementation: There are existing international agreements that support this effort. Under these agreements working visits have been carried out in support of visible laser material research and cooperative research on tunable ultraviolet laser materials is being planned.


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