Annex E. International Armaments Strategy
Army Science and Technology Master Plan (ASTMP 1997)

K. Environmental Quality and Civil Engineering

The problems of meeting national and international environmental standards, and of engineering affordable and sustainable facilities and infrastructures in a climate of reduced funding are common to all of our potential partners. Remediation of environmental pollution and maintenance of infrastructure are areas of considerable importance to the civil sector as well, and most industrialized nations have active programs in techniques, materials, and in modeling and simulation to support requirements analysis and design.

Table E.II-10 highlights significant environmental and civil engineering capabilities. Among notable highlights, the U.K. has been a leading force in the development of international standards for environmental management systems. Much of the current draft ISO Standard is patterned after existing British standards. Japan, the U.K., Germany, France, Israel, and the Nordic Group all have significant effort in bioremediation (the use of biological organisms or their products (enzymes) to breakdown or neutralize a wide range of contaminants). The French in particular have had a long-standing interest and strong effort in biodegradation and demilitarization of energetic materials. Internationally there is growing concern for clean-up of organophosphate insecticide-contaminated sites. An effective enzymatic treatment for this purpose might also be adopted for decontamination of nerve agents. We can anticipate that growing awareness of environmental effects as regional and global issues, and the emergence of international standards for their effective management, will lead to opportunities for increased cooperation to improve pollution prevention, environmental protection, techniques for monitoring and compliance, and remediation particularly with EC countries and Japan who are moving rapidly towards adoption of the ISO 14000 standard.

While no highlighted opportunities have been identified in this area. Germany is a world leader, and other industrialized nations have substantial programs and capabilities which are appropriate areas for cooperative work.

Table E.II-10. Civil Engineering and Environmental Quality

ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY Environmental protection; Bioremediation; Regulatory compliance Environmental protection; Bioremediation; Demil of energetic materials Environmental protection; Bioremediation Nordic Group
Environmental protection; Bioremediation
Environmental protection; Bioremediation Singapore


CIVIL ENGINEERING Light- weight bridging Survivable structures        

Nordic Group = Finland, Norway, Sweden