Annex E. International Armaments Strategy
Army Science and Technology Master Plan (ASTMP 1997)

1. Advanced Materials for Visible Solid-State Lasers (France)

Description: Optical countermeasure systems for the visible spectral region need, for some applications, substantially higher efficiencies than are likely to be achieved by frequency shifting from existing lasers. Diode pumped solid-state lasers operating directly at visible wavelengths hold the potential to solve this problem, but improved materials (gain media) are required.

Justification: The ASTMP identifies milestones for development of a high efficiency laser source operating in the visible spectral band. This may be achieved by using a diode array pumped solid-state crystalline laser medium. Such lasers could be used for optical pumping for Laser IR Countermeasures Systems, as well as in other applications demanding efficient generation of laser energy for communications, photonic computing, etc. Two foreign groups are among the world leaders in the development of such materials: the group at Universite' de Lyon in France and the group at Universitat Hamburg in Germany. Both groups, together with their research collaborators, have the expertise and infrastructure to make valuable progress in the identification and development of the needed materials.

Implementation: Existing interactions in the international arena under existing agreements provide a particularly strong opportunity to learn from expertise on laser materials and on different mechanisms for diode pumping of visible lasers.


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