Annex E. International Armaments Strategy
Army Science and Technology Master Plan (ASTMP 1997)

9. International Command and Control Systems Interoperability Project (IC2-SIP) (Germany)

Description: This project, which is part of the Army's strategy for International Digitization, will establish the framework to create a joint testbed facility to conduct research and demonstration efforts needed to implement, evaluate, and validate improved interoperability between the U.S. and German Command and Control (C2) forces. This program will leverage off previous bilateral Combat Vehicle Command and Control (CVC2) and current ongoing Combined Arms Command and Control (CAC2) efforts The initial interoperability research and demonstration to be undertaken will primarily address Brigade-Battalion echelon C2 Systems interface between U.S. and German Forces.

Justification: To provide a mechanism for U.S. and GE C2 forces to demonstrate and evaluate interoperability and implement new procedures and functions required for a digitized battlefield. It is envisioned that once the testbed is designed, integrated, tested, and fully operational, it will accommodate joint testing between U.S. and other multi-national forces.

DoD Directive 4630.5 states that "forces for combined operations must be supported with compatible, interoperable and integrated Command, Control, Communications and Information (C3I) System." In response to the 1994-99 Defense Planning Guidance, a Mission Need Statement (MNS) was developed for the Horizontal Integration of the Digitized Battle Command. The MNS document delineates the various alternatives to achieve maximum combat power and effectiveness and stipulates that Interoperability and Standardization (I&S) should be accomplished with at least U.S.-NATO and U.S.-ABCA nations.

Implementation: An Amendment to an existing agreement with Germany was used to implement the cooperative program.


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