Annex E. International Armaments Strategy
Army Science and Technology Master Plan (ASTMP 1997)

13. Fuzzy Logic in Mission Planning and Decision Making (France)

Description: Project is to provide a theoretical and empirical foundation for using fuzzy information in planning and decision making environments, with an eye toward future extension into other larger systems (such as battlefield simulations). Fuzzy logic techniques will be used to allow the manipulation of vague data to increase realism of simulation and, ultimately, effectiveness of decision making.

Justification: Automated mission planning systems require evaluation of potential paths based upon a perception of the current true situation. Automated decision making aids consider relevant courses of action in a similar manner. In virtually every case, the current situation is perceived based on vague or uncertain data; for example, data on enemy positions, weapon ranges, reaction time, efficiency, and so on. Most systems for planning and decision making use or assume precise data. When only vague information is available, some "rounding off" must occur, either manually or automatically, before presenting the data to the system. Such a process not only introduces added complexity, but also may adversely affect the reliability of subsequent plans or decisions based on the altered data. Fuzzy logic information will improve the capability of mission planning and decision making aids.

Implementation: The work already begun by individuals at MATRA will be used as a basis from which to build. Methodologies for integrating fuzzy information into the mission planning process will be investigated and applied to existing and/or new automated aids. Fuzzy logic approaches for data collection, aggregation, and potentially deaggregation will be evaluated and applied to decision making systems.


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