Annex E. International Armaments Strategy
Army Science and Technology Master Plan (ASTMP 1997)

12. Tactical Level Allied/Coalition Force C2 Simulation (France)

Description: Project objective is to provide a tactical level C2 exercise for a US/FR allied task force utilizing DIS protocols in a JANUS environment. The effort will begin to evolve a plausible doctrine, tactics, and training procedure, with the concomitant military language, symbology, and rank structure, and provide the architecture for an integration of military equipment and systems (interoperation) in order to form a unified C2 structure where politically acceptable. This will be broken down into acceptable "bite-sized" objectives to try various allied/coalition C2 techniques and combinations at the tactical level.

Justification: The key to victory in a combined allied/coalition operation is the unity of purpose and effort. This has been accomplished in past allied/coalition operations by coordinated planning and liaison officer exchanges, establishment of trust through plain and objective communications and personal contact, and unity of command only where it was politically acceptable. This project will lay a sound framework against which future evolution of technologies, tactics, and procedures to enhance interoperability of coalition forces can be better evaluated.

Implementation: Using the FY95 JANUS DIS exercise, recently concluded with the French Centre d'Analyse de Defense (CAD) as a framework, establish a notional US/FR allied task force utilizing the same or similar SWA scenario. Establish a common US/FR lexicon, determine feasibility of language translation, establish operating procedures, and lay out radio net architectures. The task force proceeds to a common objective utilizing FR and U.S. C2 in alternative exercises, giving each side the ability to identify targets, call for fire or close air support, and report across allied lines as well as vertically within each national structure.


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