Annex E. International Armaments Strategy
Army Science and Technology Master Plan (ASTMP 1997)

10. French-English Machine Translation of C2 Messages (France)

Description: A new 4-year development effort is planned which is designed to produce a multi-directional French-English Interlingual based Machine Translation (MT) system capable of high quality translation of complex sentences in the domain of military free text messages as defined by corpus material from USA CECOM and from STSIE (formerly SEFT) DGA, France. The development will produce advanced development software models with best commercial practice documentation containing semantic lexicons of both French and English each having 1000-3000 root word form entries, Graphical User Interface (GUI) tools for augmenting and maintaining the lexicons, and wide coverage grammar parsers and generators.

Justification: A current U.S.-French treaty in force requires multi-national fire support from command and control centers of either nation. In addition, fire support battalions of either nation may be mission assigned to brigades of the other nation. This requires translation of requests for fire and other C2 messages in locations where human translators are unavailable. In addition, the Dessert Storm after action report, the Federated Labs BAA initiative, and command and control STOs mentioning multi-national operations support this requirement.

Implementation: Meetings have been held with the French under various agreements. The exchanges of information in these DEAs may lead to a potential cooperative effort.


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