Annex E. International Armaments Strategy
Army Science and Technology Master Plan (ASTMP 1997)

5. Decontamination of Sensitive Electronic Equipment (Germany)

Description: At present there are no methods available for the decontamination of sensitive equipment such as avionics, electronics, detectors, computers, communication equipment, etc. In the late 80’s and early 90’s, the United States was pursuing the development of a system to satisfy this requirement and Germany was beginning a companion study. Both efforts were terminated since the technology used an ozone-depleting substance. Steeply declining defense budgets over the next few years and higher priorities forced the United States to all but abandon the search for a technical solution. Germany, however, continued to pursue the issue as part of the Haupt Entgiftungs Platz-90 (HEP-90) development and has exploratory development studies underway.

Justification: The CB defense program is now managed as a fully integrated Joint Service Program; this has resulted in the resurfacing of this requirement and work on decontamination needs is currently scheduled to begin again, albeit at modest levels, beginning in FY97. This is reflected in the Defense Technology Objective CB-09-12-D, Decontamination for Global Reach. On-going German research and development may contribute to the development of equipment capable of decontaminating sensitive pieces of military hardware without damaging them irreversibly. Of the concepts currently being explored, one utilizing new aqueous surfactant and decontaminant formulations appears to be the most promising.

Implementation: here are existing agreements in this technology area with Germany which could potentially expedite implementation of a specific program agreement to address this opportunity.


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