Annex E. International Armaments Strategy
Army Science and Technology Master Plan (ASTMP 1997)

3. Biological Detector (BD) Formerly All Agent Biological Chemical Detector (Canada, United Kingdom)

Description: A 6.2 exploratory development program for the Biological Detector (BD) has been completed successfully in cooperation with the United Kingdom (UK) and Canada (CA). A follow-on 6.3b development is being conducted with the UK and CA. The focus of cooperative development has shifted from hardware elements to antibodies and reagents, with increased emphasis on joint test and evaluation. The results of this cooperative project will contribute to the upgrade of the interim U.S. Biological Integrated Detection System (BIDS).

Justification: The BD will be a component of the BIDS, providing an automatic detection and identification capability. The objective is to develop and field an automated antibody-based BD which will be incorporated into the detector suite of the BIDS. Cooperative efforts are focused on development of the agents at target concentrations, as well as the test and evaluation of these antibodies in various prototype detection systems.

Implementation: There are existing agreements in this technology area with the UK and CA which could potentially expedite implementation of a specific program agreement to address this opportunity.


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