Annex E. International Armaments Strategy
Army Science and Technology Master Plan (ASTMP 1997)

5. Helicopter Crash Survivability (France)

Description: The application of advanced engineering technology (specifically computer modeling and simulation) to the design of aircraft structures, components, and weapon systems offers an opportunity to enhance aircraft crash survivability. Survivability depends upon a number of factors including equipment performance. Equipment performance may be enhanced by more efficient design and testing of aircraft structures and systems. The purpose of such design and testing is to develop equipment which will retain the shape and integrity necessary to protect humans in crash situations while continuing basic functions. The French are a peer of the United States in crashworthiness design and testing, and may contribute to related areas of structural design and survivability (particularly helicopters).

Justification: Of particular interest is the testing of advanced structural concepts and manufacturing processes for composite performance and thermoplastic materials for primary helicopter airframe structures. These could contribute directly to meeting the milestones for improvements in aerodynamic performance and survivability of Army rotorcraft.

Implementation: An existing DEA may provide a vehicle for pursuing further opportunities. Further, a blanket agreement on Technology Research and Development Projects (TRDP) exists with France, which may serve as another tool for exchange of this technology via the establishment of a Project Agreement (PA)


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