Annex E. International Armaments Strategy
Army Science and Technology Master Plan (ASTMP 1997)

4. Rotor Data Correlation (Germany)

Description: Validation of wind tunnel data obtained from model and full-scale rotor systems continues to present challenges in the design and prediction of new rotor systems. The use of wind tunnel tests plays a key role, together with analysis prediction and flight test evaluation, in the development of new rotor systems. Such tests are typically performed using a range of rotor systems sizes and wind tunnel facilities. Key is accounting for scaling effects and the influence of the test environment. A second objective is to validate analyses for predicted rotor performance, loads, and stability. Prior joint work has produced an extensive high quality data base of experimental data. Comparisons between U.S. and German theoretical predictions with test results will identify key modeling requirements and areas requiring new analytical technology development.

Justification: Cooperative research in the past few years has significantly impacted the understanding of this technology area. Comparison of national data, codes, and methodologies significantly contributes to continued advances. German and U.S. prediction codes should continue to be compared and optimized, combining the experience of both laboratories. Additionally, a technology development program is warranted to increase the understanding of hingeless rotor performance and dynamics. This technology will improve the design methodology to build better, more efficient rotor systems with improved control characteristics. MBB's production experience on hingeless rotor system, the GE 0.4-scale model of a BO 105 rotor system, the U.S. full-scale model, and the GE in-flight BO 105 simulator contribute significantly to this technology area. These efforts will identify requirements for modeling development in support of emerging rotor systems.

Implementation: Rotor Data Correlation Research is a task outlined under a current U.S.-GE Aeromechanics MOU with specific schedule and goals.


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