Annex D. Space And Missile Defense Technologies
Army Science and Technology Master Plan (ASTMP 1997)

4. Targets, Test, and Evaluation Directorate Technologies

The Targets, Test and Evaluation (TT&E) Directorate develops theater and strategic missile targets for Army, Air Force, and Navy PEOs and provides test and evaluation support to the DoD, BMDO, USASSDC itself, and other agencies. In addition, TT&E manages the design, development, and flight test of high-fidelity, threat-emulating payloads. The directorate also manages the treaty-compliant Strategic Target System (STARS) and provides targets for the National Missile Defense in support of the GBI, GBR-P, and Space and Missile Tracking Systems Programs. The STARS offers a unique capability to carry exoatmospheric payloads for U.S. testing and experimentation. The directorate developed the STORM and HERA target missiles for use in TMD testing. The STORM was used successfully in the PAC-3 downselect process, and the HERA will be used in testing of the THAAD missile system and PAC-3 EMD. The directorate provides complete test support for these target systems, including test range coordination, site facilities, booster and payload integration, ground and launch support equipment, and data analyses activities.