Annex D. Space And Missile Defense Technologies
Army Science and Technology Master Plan (ASTMP 1997)

A. Systems/System Upgrades

Systems and system upgrades focus on defining critical design characteristics, addressing manufacturing technological deficiencies, and assessing production feasibility. Analysis, simulation models, or prototypes are used to optimize design and resolve problems. Also included is the design, fabrication, testing, and evaluation of a complete system. This includes the principal items necessary for its production, operation, and support; and serves to validate the production process. Reliability and maintenance design, testing, and evaluation of components should also be integrated.

The USASSDC continues to provide research and technology matrix support to these program elements through the USASSDC MDSTC, located in Huntsville, AL. The USASSDC MDBIC will accomplish the Army TMD four-pillar integration (Attack Operations, Active Defense, Passive Defense, BM/C4I) for the Army TMD Advocate.