Annex C. Interaction With TRADOC
Army Science and Technology Master Plan (ASTMP 1997)

2. Management of Technological Change in Army Training

The Training Research and Development Action Plan (TRADAP) is a mechanism by which the Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff for Training, HQ TRADOC, is managing technological change in Army training. It is an effort to harness technology to support development of cost-effective future training strategies. A central focus of TRADAP has been the explicit definition of training R&D requirements in terms of the research needed in selected technology areas. Based on input from the training and R&D communities, these requirements have been initially prioritized and published in the TRADOC Training R&D Priorities document. R&D requirements have also been crosswalked with ongoing R&D projects to identify areas where additional training research is needed. The overall TRADAP effort is intended to make the Army training community a better informed and more involved customer of training R&D.