Annex C. Interaction With TRADOC
Army Science and Technology Master Plan (ASTMP 1997)

1. Training Challenge Overview

One of the Army’s enabling strategies to meet future challenges is to maintain the edge with quality soldiers who are trained to razor sharpness. As the cornerstone of a trained and ready Army, TRADOC’s training community has the mission of providing high quality training to soldiers and leaders today, and developing effective training programs and products for the future. The post cold-war drawdown and declining defense budgets require trainers to seek cost-effective means to continue providing the tough realistic training that contributed to victory in Operation Desert Storm. At the same time that trainers face economic challenges and the need to adapt to the changing roles and missions of the force projection Army, technological opportunities are available that may radically change the nature of training in the future. Close interaction between the training and R&D communities is essential to ensure that R&D efforts will allow TRADOC to meet critical future training requirements.