Annex A. Science And Technology Objectives (STOs)
Army Science and Technology Master Plan (ASTMP 1997)

VI.C.21. Inter-Vehicle Embedded Simulation Technology (INVEST). By FY00, develop and demonstrate in-vehicle Advanced Distributed Simulation (ADS) capability employing common reusable simulation components, interfaces, tutoring systems, take home packages, and scenarios. This effort will determine the specific Embedded Training (ET) architecture and common hardware and software components required for individuals and crews to maintain system proficiency while in-vehicle and on-station. It will enable units to conduct collective training, exercises, or mission rehearsals autonomously or when networked with other "live" or "virtual" simulations. The effort will also assess which tasks and skills are appropriate and affordable candidates for embedding and how this capability may augment the simulations systems in the existing training device simulation/simulator (TDSS) hierarchy. A standard ET simulation architecture using common components will permit development of a consistent synthetic battlefield representation for use in all ET systems and improve interoperability and affordability among future systems.

By FY97, establish ET test bed which uses existing virtual simulations and live systems (BFV) to prototype and assess ET architecture and common components. With TRADOC, initiate studies and analysis to determine hierarchy of embedded training capability. With TARDEC, assess databus loading, timing, sizing, RAM, and related impacts of ET to Intra-Vehicle Electronics Suite. Initiate experiments and assess approaches to enable "direct-fire" or "line-of-sight" interactions between live and virtual systems. Assess commercial image generator technology to determine feasibility of displaying virtual targets on vehicle systems. With CECOM, continue development of live to virtual linkage of C4I systems. By 98, develop and prototype ET modular hardware and software common components. Prototype Virtual-Live interactive system. Link STRICOM ET Test bed with TACOM VETRONICS Systems Integration Laboratory (VSIL) and CECOM Digital Integrated Lab (DIL). By FY99, tailor and integrate standard ET common components to Future Scout and Cavalry System (FSCS) ATD program. With TRADOC, initiate development of prototype training scenarios and data bases. By FY00, support TARDEC with in-vehicle DIS experiments using Intra-Vehicle Electronics Suite.

Supports: Future Scout and Cavalry System (FSCS), Future Combat System (FSC), M1A2 and M2A3 Upgrades, CRUSADER, Digitization of the Battlefield, TASK Force XXT, Open Systems Task Force, and Army Technical Architecture.

Gene Wiehagen Robert Rohde MAJ Sean Mahan