Annex A. Science And Technology Objectives (STOs)
Army Science and Technology Master Plan (ASTMP 1997)

VI.C.19. Individual Combat Simulation in the Synthetic Environment. This program provides and demonstrates technologies for creating multi-sensory, real-time simulation which immerses the individual and allows for interaction in three-dimensional geographical space. A multi-site, distributed laboratory will be established which incorporates concepts and principles consistent with the evolving DoD M&S High Level Architecture (HLA). The cost effectiveness of networked virtual reality devices to immerse the individual into the synthetic environment will be determined. By FY96, the requirements for a mobility platform for an individual combatant simulator will be established, based upon empirical research using the Individual Soldier Mobility Simulator (ISMS). Software to interface the ISMS to synthetic environments will be developed. Studies will be conducted and guidelines will be published for use by metabolic platform developers. By FY97, the program will demonstrate an initial capability to provide individual combatant mobility and interaction in the synthetic environment. By FY98, the program will provide a demonstrated capability to fully immerse the live combatant in the synthetic environment to include control of semi-automated forces through voice and gesture recognition.

Supports: Force XXI Land Warrior Program, STOW, Combined Arms Tactical Trainers (CATT) Program, MOUT ACTD, Small Unit Operations (SUO).

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