Annex A. Science And Technology Objectives (STOs)
Army Science and Technology Master Plan (ASTMP 1997)

IV.S.05. Virtual Prototyping Integrated Infrastructure. By FY99, this initiative will develop and demonstrate a synergistic, distributed, complete virtual prototyping infrastructure that can integrate and interface advanced concepts in mobility, survivability, electronics, lethality, command and control, design, and manufacturing into any phase of a system’s life cycle. The technology will directly support a system evolution record that will record not only design decisions, but also details on why and how the decisions were made. For efficiency, the infrastructure will be Common Object Request Broker Architecture (CORBA) compliant. Even though future threats will have access to the same technology as U.S. forces, this new capability will ensure Force XXI can maintain a technological advantage on the battlefield by providing the ability to apply new technology in combat systems faster than the threat. In addition, this STO will enable the Army to develop and deploy combat systems faster, with less cost, and more user effectiveness than any existing or future threat. The Virtual Prototyping Infrastructure will be compliant and compatible with Force XXI synthetic theater of war (STOW) requirements.

Milestones include:

• Preliminary design of information kernel and functional interface complete (3Q96).
• Detailed design of information kernel and functional interface completed (3Q97).
• Phase I evaluation completed (reduce development time, cost, and testing by one half over standard development cycle using sample combat concept test cases 3Q98).
• Phase II evaluation completed (reduce time and cost of implementing major structural/electrical design changes/upgrades in an existing combat system by one half over standard reengineering methods, 3Q99).
• System Demonstration Completed (4Q99).

Supports: Programs—FCS, FSCS, Crusader, Abrams and Bradley Upgrades, and Tactical Wheeled Vehicles. Dual Use Potential—Commercial vehicle design and development process.

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