Annex A. Science And Technology Objectives (STOs)
Army Science and Technology Master Plan (ASTMP 1997)

IV.S.03. Advanced Mobility Systems. Demonstrate a new level of cross country mobility with significant improvement over the Abrams/Bradley baseline in the following areas: deployment enhancement by virtue of size and weight (50 percent); increased vehicle survivability by virtue of size, weight, lower heat rejection, and increased dash speed (50 percent); vehicle hull weight and volume reduction (25 percent); increased vehicle range (30 percent); increased design flexibility; increased vehicle burst power when integrated with energy storage (100 percent); quantum improvement in vehicle diagnostics and prognostics resulting from electrical power transfer (100 percent); and improved gun platform stability (30 percent). Critical technical ingredients of this advanced mobility system include: advanced electric drive, advanced suspension system employing adaptive damping and spring rate high wheel travel, and lightweight track. Reliability and Availability will be enhanced over the Bradley/Abrams baseline by virtue of increased use of electronics, smaller size and weight, and increased use of modular components. Selected mobility components will be available for ATD demonstration in 1997. The following new technologies will be demonstrated: advanced motor and generator configurations for electric drive, advanced high power controller packaging, adaptive suspension damping (tracked vehicle), full active suspension, active track retention system, continuous band type track, advance traction control.

Supports: FCS, FSCS, Electric armaments and future electrically-driven vehicles, Crusader, CAV ATD, Abrams and Bradley Upgrades.

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