Annex A. Science And Technology Objectives (STOs)
Army Science and Technology Master Plan (ASTMP 1997)

IV.S.01. Advanced Protection and Protection Design Technology. By FY94, complete and document the Protection Areal density design methodology for hard-faced armors to achieve 25 percent reduction in amount of testing required to define a minimum weight armor design. [TACOM] By FY94, conduct a feasibility demonstration of an armor technology achieving weight savings by using electromagnetic defeat mechanisms. [TACOM funded, ARL (WTD) execution] By FY95, demonstrate an armor for medium weight combat vehicles that defeats the medium caliber KE threat. By FY96, enhance this armor to include CE threats. By FY96, demonstrate an armor to defeat future top attack threats. By FY99, demonstrate armor penetration modeling capability including 3-D effects, material strength, and fracture mechanics that will provide 25 percent reduction in test costs for design of armors against CE jets and heavy metal KE penetrators. [TACOM funded, ARL (WTD) execution, DARPA technology contribution] By FY99, demonstrate a frontal armor system capable of defeating all tank gun launched threats at 65 percent of the weight of current Abrams armor. [TACOM funded, ARL (WTD, MD) technology execution, TACOM integration analysis]

Supports: Crusader, FCS, Abrams and Bradley Upgrades.

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