Annex A. Science And Technology Objectives (STOs)
Army Science and Technology Master Plan (ASTMP 1997)

IV.R.17. Integrated Sensor Modeling and Simulation. Advance the state-of-the-art in synergistic modeling and prototyping capabilities to permit end-to-end predictive modeling and hardware trade-offs for performance evaluation of new technologies in a virtual environment. Implementation will be supported by development of high resolution, 3-dimensional target, background, and clutter object databases which scale from dismounted infantry to airborne applications. Features will also include realistic portrayal of advanced sensors such as 3rd gen FLIRs, acoustics, and radars; aided, automatic, and fused sensor usage; low observable signature management techniques; and mine targets. Linked or inserted into operational simulations, this technology will allow warfighters to test new capabilities, develop tactics and techniques, evaluate operational effectiveness, plan missions, and train in parallel with the hardware development process. By FY99, develop real-time multi-spectral (0.4 to 14 microns) capability for insertion into wargame simulations. By FY00, develop and integrate SAR and MMW capability for insertion into wargame simulations. By FY01, validate multi-spectral portrayal for search and target acquisition simulations and implementation for driving and pilotage simulations.

Supports: Multifunction Staring Sensor Suite, Masked Targeting, Mine Hunter Killer, Battlefield Visualization ACTD, MOUT ACTD, CATT, COFT, AGTS, FMBT, FIV, FSV.

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