Annex A. Science And Technology Objectives (STOs)
Army Science and Technology Master Plan (ASTMP 1997)

IV.R.15. Solid State Near IR Sensors. Develop a low cost, lightweight, low light level, exclusively solid state sensor with smart readout chip to provide a digital output and become an integral part of the future Digital Battlefield. This technology will provide affordable, high resolution sensors for reflected light in the 0.4-1.8 micron wavelength region for systems supporting airborne, combat vehicle, and light infantry missions. This sensor technology will be immune to bright light "flash-outs" and require no vacuum tube technology. These sensors will have high resolution and sensitivity to detect sniper fire, detect targets through conventional camouflage, detect laser rangefinders/designators, and detect stressed vegetation. By FY99, develop a low cost solid state near IR camera that demonstrates comparable sensitivity to present 12 tubes and can be transitioned as an HTI for all future vision devices. By FY00, develop a large format near IR solid state focal plane array that can be used for sniper scope applications and pick out targets in camouflage at long ranges. By FY01, demonstrate a near IR sensor for lightweight goggle applications.

Supports: Objective Sniper Weapon, OICW/OCSW Upgrades, Future Multispectral Goggles, Future Driving Devices, Special Operations

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