Annex A. Science And Technology Objectives (STOs)
Army Science and Technology Master Plan (ASTMP 1997)

IV.R.13. Advanced Focal Plane Array Technology. This STO builds on the Smart FPA STO IV.R.01 to develop and mature components for a more advanced generation of IR imaging sensors which take advantage of advanced large staring focal plane arrays which allow smart temporal and multispectral signal processing. Technology will be developed to provide affordable TV quality imagers in the 3-5mm and 8-12mm bands including practical non-uniformity correction. By FY97, provide an evaluation of the practicality and affordability of large single spectrum staring/scanning arrays along with validated staring array performance models and complete evaluations and trade-offs between the 3-5 and 8-12 micron spectral bands to support design of the Multifunction Staring Sensor Suite. By FY99, demonstrate multispectral sensing and partition smart functions between on- and off-focal plane processing. By FY00, integrate multispectral smart sensing with staring FPAs for enhanced soldier vision. By FY01, demonstrate large focal plane, hyperspectral smart sensing with feedback control from weapon system processor to optimize automated target acquisition. These objectives are obtained by integrating multispectral/hyperspectral FPAs with smart read-out-integrated-circuits (ROICs), innovative micro-optics, and adaptive micro/nano electronics into tactical dewars.

Supports: Mounted Battlespace, Dismounted Battlespace, Depth and Simultaneous Attack, Early Entry Lethality, Battle Command, Force XXI.

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