Annex A. Science And Technology Objectives (STOs)
Army Science and Technology Master Plan (ASTMP 1997)

IV.N.04. Performance-based Metrics for the Digitized Battlefield. This STO develops standardized, field-operational measurement scales for use by the Battle Labs, Army Digitization Office, and Army Research and Engineering Centers (RDECs) in defining and evaluating integrated soldier-information system performance on the digitized battlefield. These measurement scales will directly support the U.S. Army’s Rolling Baseline assessment of digital information system technology during Advanced Technology Demonstrations, Advanced Warfighting Experiments, and related Force XXI field activities. The resulting metrics will provide both technology developers and field users with a common, standard framework for specifying performance requirements and assessing the contribution of digital information system technology across a variety of battlefield settings (e.g., brigade TOC staff, tank crew, individual dismounted soldier). To achieve this goal, the behavior-based measurement scales will (1) reflect important dimensions of the information processing and decision making tasks performed by soldiers, crews, and staffs; (2) correlate with success in satisfying TRADOC Operational Capability Requirements (OCRs) related to the soldier-information interface; (3) be sensitive to the introduction of new technology, doctrine, procedures, organization, and training; and (4) be observable and measurable in a field setting. Develop and test an initial set of behavioral performance markers addressing tank crew and Command and Control Vehicle (C2V) operator performance as well as digital communications initiatives for dismounted operations in Warrior Focus (November 95). These behavioral performance markers will be refined and further tested during FY96 in Warrior Focus, Army Logistics ACTD, or other major AWE. A draft Army-standard set of soldier-information system performance metrics for common use by ARL will be developed and refined during FY97, and demonstrated in the context of Task Force 97. Standards for Army Materiel Acquisition will be developed in FY98.

Supports: Warrior Focus, Army Logistics ACTD, Task Force 97, ADO, Battle Command Battle Lab, Mounted Battlespace Battle Lab, Dismounted Battlespace Battle Lab.

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