Annex A. Science And Technology Objectives (STOs)
Army Science and Technology Master Plan (ASTMP 1997)

IV.M.04. Weather Effects and Battlescale-Forecasts for Combat Simulation and Training (WEB-FCST). Integrate improved battlescale forecasting, real-time weather, and environmental effects models to provide common, unified weather effects, features, and representations for: Force XXI Advanced Warfighting Experiments (AWE); the Intelligence Electronic Warfare (IEW) Technology Investment Strategy; TRADOC combat models and Distributed Simulations such as the Synthetic Theater of War (STOW) Campaign Plan; and for Brigade Task Force XXI mission rehearsal. In FY97, within the IEW Common Operating Environment (COE) extend the Battlescale Forecast Model to provide weather forecast data for Distributed Interactive Simulation (DIS). By FY98, implement advanced algorithms for acoustic-propagation, illumination and visibility, terrain-coupled transport/diffusion and EO propagation effects at multiple levels of fidelity for environmental representations, Integrated Weather Effects Decision Aids (IWEDA), and battlefield visualization tools to support simulations and Division XXI mission planning. By FY99, incorporate an Improved Battlescale Forecast Model for forecast representations of clouds, fog, severe weather (rain), and improved battlefield aerosol diffusion at tactical scales. By FY00, assess improvements provided by shared battlescale weather forecasts, distributed weather processing for M&S, and physics-based atmospheric feature and effects models. By FY01, demonstrate interoperability of verified/validated Unified Battlescale Weather and Battlescale Atmospheric Effects Models as a real-time Own the Weather capability for FORCE XXI situation awareness, mission planning, and training.

Supports: Brigade XXI and Division XXI AWEs, IEW Technology Investment Strategy, and Synthetic Theater of War (STOW) Campaign Plan.

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