Annex A. Science And Technology Objectives (STOs)
Army Science and Technology Master Plan (ASTMP 1997)

IV.L.07p. Environmental Restoration. Provide cheaper and more effective technologies for site assessment and treatment of soils and groundwater contaminated with explosives and energetics (TNT, HMX, and RDX) and heavy metals (lead). By the end of FY99, construct explosives/energetics exposure and effects models for use during site environmental risk assessments reducing cleanup design costs by 20 percent by cutting risk analysis time in half (reduce from years to months). By the end of FY01, develop in-situ heavy metals extraction for lead allowing reduced treatment costs from the previous $100-300/ton of soil to $50-150/ton and allowing treatment below existing structures which is currently not possible. Also, by the end of FY01, develop in-situ biotreatment processes for TNT reducing costs from $100-500/cu.yd. in FY98 to $25-75/cu.yd. By the end of FY01, develop fate and transport risk assessment models and simulations for explosives and energetics that provide rapid contaminant fate predictions, improved risk assessment, and reduced design costs allowing all risk assessment completed on-site. By the end of FY02, develop advanced groundwater remediation technologies for TNT providing increased treatment efficacy and flexibility with overall cost reduction from $1-5/kgal in FY95 to $0.10-2.00/kgal. By the end of FY02, develop advanced visualization supporting on-site assessment during all cleanup phases providing a 50 percent reduction in time (reduce from months to weeks) for data analysis and treatment selection.

Supports: DoD Reliance Defense Technology Area Plan and the Tri-Service Environmental Quality Strategic Action Plan.

This is a STO (Proposed). This Proposed STO has been endorsed by the Army Chief of Staff for Installation Management. ACSIM POC is LTC Jeffrey Bemis (703-693-0643).

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