Annex A. Science And Technology Objectives (STOs)
Army Science and Technology Master Plan (ASTMP 1997)

IV.L.06p. Airfields and Pavements to Support Force Projection. The objective is to support force strategic deployment from CONUS and operational employment in TO by providing improved reliable airfields and pavements. By the end of FY02, provide improved pavement criteria for design/repair/material systems that will result in reduced DoD pavement costs (approximately $72M/yr in FY95 dollars) and reduced pavement construction effort in the TO (reduce construction effort by 72,500 manhours for prototype medium load airfields). By the end of FY98, provide criteria for reliable airfields and pavements to support current generation of military and Civilian Reserve Air Force (CRAF) aircraft and vehicles through the use of local materials (which may be of inferior quality) and pavement binder modifications. This will extend the functional life of pavement by 1 year ($250,000 savings based on a 10,000 ft long runway). This objective will require new technologies for non-linear visco-elastic and visco-plastic materials behavior affecting airfield and pavement performance. By the end of FY99, provide criteria for construction/ design/repair systems to decrease construction effort by 10 percent for expedient surfaces in TO for military aircraft and vehicles. By the end of FY02, provide criteria for reliable airfields and pavements to support multiple passes of proposed future generation aircraft and military vehicles. Design, construction, and rehabilitation of Army and Air Force airfields is an Army Corps of Engineers responsibility; additionally, science and technology related to airfields and pavements is an Army responsibility under Project Reliance. This effort supports DTO MP.16.11AFN.

Supports: Force XX1 Global Force Projection, Engineer School, CE Districts and Divisions, Project Reliance, Army Modernization Objective "Project and Sustain."

This STO (Proposed) was ranked as 31 of 86 on the integrated priority list published by TRADOC as the result of the April 96 STO Review.

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