Annex A. Science And Technology Objectives (STOs)
Army Science and Technology Master Plan (ASTMP 1997)

IV.L.04p. Sustainable Military Use and Stewardship of Army Lands. The goal of this technology effort is to improve military access to and stewardship of training/testing lands through improved knowledge bases and tools that integrate multiple landscape factors into dynamic decision aids for land use planning and scheduling. By the end of FY01, provide an integrated modeling framework linking land capacity, land rehabilitation, and species impact models. Application of the integrated modeling framework will enable the Army to reduce the trend in land usage restrictions by up to 50 percent (at present, approximately 2 million acres are constrained). By the end of FY99, develop measures to match land use and land capacity in selected ecoregions. By the end of FY01, provide simulation tools for land rehabilitation options to restore damaged lands to a higher readiness condition. By the end of FY01, provide models to simulate mission impacts on key protected species, which will provide a better understanding of cause-effect relationships of military impacts.

Benefits include improved training realism and safety, reduced maintenance costs for equipment and land, increased flexibility in land use, up to 50 percent reduced constraints on access to land, and reduced fines due to environmental compliance.

Supports: National Environmental Policy Act, Endangered Species Act, Historic Preservation Act, Clean Water Act, Clean Air Act.

This proposed STO has been endorsed by the Assistant Chief of Staff for Installation Management. ACSIM POC is Raul Marroquin (703-693-0680).

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