Annex A. Science And Technology Objectives (STOs)
Army Science and Technology Master Plan (ASTMP 1997)

IV.K.05. Advanced EO/IR Countermeasures. Advanced EO/IR Countermeasures will develop multifunction countermeasures to protect Army aircraft and ground vehicles from advanced EO/IR guided missiles and smart munitions. Technology development will focus on key components such as sources/optics, pointing/tracking devices, missile plume and laser sensors and include advanced jamming techniques against passive homing, command to line of sight, and beamrider missiles. Particular emphasis will be on horizontal technology integration of ATIRCM architecture infused with low cost and adapted NDI components for ground vehicle protection and transition to the Hit Avoidance ATD. By FY95, develop a band IV detector for PIP to the AN/AVR-2 to detect 9-11 micron threats. By FY96, demonstrate beam coupler for active tracking system, threat missile warning, beam steering, and advanced jamming techniques for transition to the Multispectral Countermeasures (MSCM) Demonstration. By FY97, develop countermeasures against top attack threats to ground vehicles and laser-based jamming techniques for use on MSCM/ATIRCM. By FY98, develop and test countermeasures against advanced imaging and laser beamrider missiles directed at low flying platforms and ground vehicles.

Supports: PM-AEC, Tri-Service ATIRCM/CMWS, Hit Avoidance ATD, Armored Systems Modernization, Mounted Battlespace, Depth and Simultaneous Attack, Early Entry Lethality.

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