Annex A. Science And Technology Objectives (STOs)
Army Science and Technology Master Plan (ASTMP 1997)

IV.J.03. Army ATR Evaluation . This program provides the baseline technical/operational evaluation of algorithms developed by industry/academia/government against established data sets to ensure the functional performance of ATRs meets established requirements. By FY96: (1) establish a beta site for RASSP and intiate architectural assessments of ATRs operating in tanks and ground stations; and (2) define open system processing architecure based on commercial and MIL-STD practices, and assess 2nd Gen FLIR algorithms to cue operators to targets. By FY97, extend algorithm assessment to millimeter wave radar and demonstrate rapid prototyping of processor modules utilizing computer-aided design techniques and commercial/DARPA developed tool sets to reduce the development time by 30 percent and reduce module cost by a factor of 10. By FY98, implement critical target acquisition algorithms at the module level. By FY99, extend algorithm assessment to multi-sensor fusion and integrate and demonstrate advanced ATR algorithms integrated with a multi-module processor and smart focal plane array.

Supports: Dismounted Battlespace, Mounted Battlespace, Depth and Simultaneous Attack, Battle Command, Early Entry Lethality and Survivability, Target Acquisition ATD, Aerial Scout Sensors Integration TD.

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