Annex A. Science And Technology Objectives (STOs)
Army Science and Technology Master Plan (ASTMP 1997)

IV.H.01. Rapid Prototyping for a System Evolution Record. The objective of this STO is to develop a System Evolution Record (SER), using the Computer-Aided Prototyping System (CAPS) Rapid Prototyping Environment, which will provide a "cradle to grave" repository for all artifacts and information produced during software evolution. The SER will be modeled using CAPS, then each part of the software development process will be modeled in the same way to allow integration over the SER. In FY96, the modeling of the System Evolution Record will be completed, and the first attempts will be made to integrate the Evolvable Legacy Systems process developed at the MICOM Life Cycle Software Engineering Center (LCSEC). In FY97, the Cleanroom Software Engineering Process from the TACOM-Picatinny LCSEC will be integrated into the SER, and graphical analysis techniques will be analyzed to accelerate air worthiness reviews of flight control software. In FY98, a Requirements Validation tool being developed at ATCOM’s LCSEC will be integrated into the SER. In FY99, the Domain Analysis and Software Reuse process develop at CECOM’s LCSEC will be integrated into the SER. This project will improve the way we evolve Army software systems, providing the commander with the enhanced ability to see, hear, know, communicate, kill the enemy, and protect his/her own soldiers.

Supports: AMC Life Cycle Software Engineering Centers (ATCOM, MICOM, CECOM, TACOM, and VASTC ATD), DISC 4, Battle Command Battle Lab, CSS Battle Lab, DSA Battle Lab.

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