Annex A. Science And Technology Objectives (STOs)
Army Science and Technology Master Plan (ASTMP 1997)

IV.G.09. Personal Communications System for the Soldier. The objective of this STO is to develop the next generation Land Warrior Radio Technology by adapting commercial cellular PCS (CDMA and W-CDMA) technology to support the needs of the dismounted soldier. A second goal is to satisfy the Joint Service requirements for dismounted WARFIGHTER communications. This technology offers significant advantages in Multipath performance (MOUT application) and Anti Jam/Low Probability of Detection protection. This effort also eliminates the fixed cellular infrastructure on which the other PCS initiatives are based. This STO will build on technical and operational experience acquired with CDMA and W-CDMA technology in various frequency bands acquired during our activities in support of the DARPA’s Commercial Communications Technology Testbed (C2T2) and CECOM’s C2TL programs. This STO will develop peer-to-peer and multihop packet relaying protocols on an attached handheld computer, leading to a demonstration of a non-cellular PCS handset exploiting commercial chipsets and ASICS used in CDMA and W-CDMA systems. In FY97, the RF multipath environment for dismounted soldiers moving in urban terrain and other constrained terrain will be characterized. By FY98, a plug-and-play host computer interface will be defined to enable protocol development on an attached handheld computer. In FY00, peer-to-peer and multihop packet relaying will be demonstrated with commercial CDMA and W-CDMA handsets modified for use without cellular base stations. In FY00, FORTEZZA COMSEC developed under the CONDOR program will be used to demonstrate Small Unit Operations for the DARPA SUO program and MOUT ACTD. The final year’s demo in FY01 will demonstrate a technology upgrade for the Land Warrior soldier platform. Benefits of CDMA and W-CDMA technology for tactical applications will be evaluated and demonstrated throughout the program.

Supports: Military Operations in Urban Terrain (MOUT), DARPA Small Unit Operation, Land Warrior Soldier Program, USMC Urban Warrior.

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