Annex A. Science And Technology Objectives (STOs)
Army Science and Technology Master Plan (ASTMP 1997)

IV.G.06. Battle Planning (BP). The Battle Planning effort will develop, integrate, and demonstrate emerging technologies to significantly enhance battlespace visualization and enable collaborative planning, rehearsal, execution, and monitoring (including real-time intelligence/operations) on the digital battlefield. The focus is on the commander’s interface to the battlespace and the embedded software "tools" which will allow the commander and his staff to collaborate electronically in a rapid and effective manner. This STO is leveraging basic research being performed at Army Research Laboratories (ARL) in the area of real time three-dimensional (3D) graphical representations, and advanced techniques for image utilization and management (to include zoom in/out, perspective from any viewpoint, and overlays of actual imagery, modeled objects, or symbols). Expert systems and natural speech recognition algorithms will aid the commander and staff in rapidly generating and evaluating courses of action. These integrated capabilities will enable the commander to quickly grasp the situation and react to the dynamically changing battlespace. By FY97, demonstrate real-time collaborative planning between the commander and his intelligence and operations staff elements. By FY98, demonstrate capability to perform planning and real time rehearsal, demonstrate speaker independent, continuous speech recognition, and exploit direct broadcast (DBS) imagery and terrain data distribution. By FY00, demonstrate a fully integrated capability to allow the commander and staff to perform "end-to-end" collaboration to include: split-based operations, course of action evaluation aids, "hands-off" user interface using "natural language" speech input, and real-time 3D depiction of the battlefield.

Supports: Battle Command and Mounted Battlespace Battle Labs, Force XXI and follow-on Division and Corps AWEs, XVIII Airborne Corps AWEs, Battlespace Command and Control ATD, Rapid Battlefield Visualization ACTD, Consistent Battlespace Understanding (IST DTO 12), Forecasting, Planning and Resource Allocation (IST DTO 13), and Integrated Force Management (IST DTO 14).

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