Annex A. Science And Technology Objectives (STOs)
Army Science and Technology Master Plan (ASTMP 1997)

IV.G.03. Information Warfare On-The-Move. The objective is to evaluate through simulations and laboratory demonstrations substantial advances to conduct information warfare operations on-the-move. The STO concentrates on three key technology areas: (1) Phased Array HF Antenna with shortened overall physical parameters of height and separation to allow Direction Finding from one platform, and (2) Information Processing on-the-move; receiving, correlating, and transmitting information while on-the-move, (3) Terrain and Tactical software. In FY95, the Antenna effort concentrated on shortening the antenna height using HTSC Technology to support OTM Jamming. Terrain and feature servers were developed and software functionality demonstrated. Motion sickness and advanced status display experiments were completed. In FY96, the information Warfare Critical Electronic Warfare components and HF Antenna technology will be developed and laboratory tested to show the concept of shortened physical baseline for Direction Finding. Terrain and Environmental Reasoning database and TER/TEDS laboratory breadboard will be demonstrated. Studies will be performed for C2V degradation of performance when on the move. Advanced visualization concepts are also being studied. In FY97, the TER/TEDS will be enhanced, the design documented, and metrics for evaluating the TER and TEDS technologies will be developed. Additional OTM adaptive interface-crew performance studies will be performed.

Supports: Rapid Battlefield Visualization ACTD, JSTARS, PM C2V, PEO C3S, CAC2, LAD ACTD, BV ATD, and Digitize the Battlefield.

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