Annex A. Science And Technology Objectives (STOs)
Army Science and Technology Master Plan (ASTMP 1997)

IV.F.09p. Ballistic Protection for Improved Individual Survivability. Develop and insert advances in materials technology that will increase the protection and performance of armor systems for the individual warfighter. Specifically, by the end of FY99, integrate and transition improved technologies for the current Small Arms Protection STO (IV.F.1) or best available technology (sources could include DARPA, Army, Navy, Industry) to development and/or as technology insertions to modify existing individual protective systems. By the end of FY00, demonstrate/insert protective materials technology that will provide a reduction in casualties at 35 percent less system weight of 1996 individual countermine protective systems. By the end of FY03, demonstrate an improved material system prototype (over FY99 insertions) for second generation multiple ballistic threat protection (with either 10 percent decrease in weight, 10 percent increase in protection or a combination, depending on user input). Technologies with potential to satisfy this STO(p) will include advances in polymeric materials through modification of existing fibers (copolymerization of aramid, PBO), bioengineered protein-based fibers, and the synthesis of new polymers. Improved rigid materials are anticipated through DARPA, ARL, and SBIR programs. These could include low cost, high performance boron carbide, new metal alloys, metal matrix composites, and potentially other new ceramics/composites.

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