Annex A. Science And Technology Objectives (STOs)
Army Science and Technology Master Plan (ASTMP 1997)

III.O.11. Total Distribution ATD. The success of the Log Anchor Desk (LAD) in satisfying the logistics user’s needs for decision support software coupled with the advances made in the Common Operating Environment (COE) and in the architecture of the Command and Control (C2) System has resulted in a merger of the LAD efforts with the Total Distribution Advanced Technology Demonstration (TD ATD). The goal of the merger is to continue the development of the functionality of the LAD while integrating it with data sources as they develop and integrating it into the C2 System’s architecture. This approach provides two products for the logistics community: (1) Technology transfers into the logistics command and control systems such as the Combat Service Support Control System (CSSCS) and the logistics component of the Army Global Command and Control System (AGCCS) as they are developing their capability packages. (2) An interim leave-behind workstation for the user that will enhance his "go-to-war" capability while it evolves from a stand alone system to a fully integrated capability in the C2 systems. The ATD will utilize the Prairie Warrior Exercises in FY95, 96, and 97 building up to Task Force XXI in FY97 to allow the operational user to further define requirements in order to increase the functional capabilities of the LAD. These will be integrated with the Capability Packages of the logistics portion of AGCCS and the software development of CSSCS. The logistics workstation will progress from a stand alone workstation (FY95) into a client-server based architecture of the C2 system (FY96) with a final goal of a complete integration into the legacy systems (AGCCS, CSSCS) (FY97). The Battle Lab at CASCOM has defined the Measures of Effectiveness in the areas of improving response time for planning and execution of logistics tasks, improving the synchronization of the closure of the warfighting force with the sustainment force to support the operational plan.

Supports: CSSCS, AGCCS, TAV.

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