Annex A. Science And Technology Objectives (STOs)
Army Science and Technology Master Plan (ASTMP 1997)

III.J.07. Minimizing Blood Loss and Optimizing Fluid Resuscitation. Provide information and transition to development products to enhance capabilities for control of and resuscitation from hemorrhage. By FY96, complete evaluation of commercially available local hemostatic agents to assess potential for field use in controlling bleeding; determine whether nondevelopmental item investment strategy is appropriate or if additional research and development are needed. By FY96, transition to development a field intraosseous infusion device. By FY96, transition to development an improved thawed or fresh blood preservative. By FY97, transition to development a field-portable fluid infusion-warming device suitable for battlefield use. By FY98, define mechanisms of toxicity of blood substitutes and complete evaluation of status of commercial blood substitute development to define future research and development needs. By FY00, define optimum perfusion pressures for hemorrhaging individuals. By FY04, transition to development an improved platelet preservative or platelet substitute. By FY04, transition to development a second generation plasma substitute.

Supports: Army Modernization Plan, Medical Annex O—Project, Sustain, and Protect the Force—Far Forward Surgical Care. Products include an advanced resuscitation solution, oxygen-carrying blood substitute, advanced physiologic sensors, more wound dressings, advanced physiologic sensors, novel wound dressings, and intraosseous infusion device. Food and Drug Administration regulatory requirements.

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