Annex A. Science And Technology Objectives (STOs)
Army Science and Technology Master Plan (ASTMP 1997)

III.H.14. Counter Active Protection Systems (CAPS). Overall objective: Develop and demonstrate technologies which can be applied to anti-tank guided weapons (ATGW) for improving their effectiveness against threat armor equipped with active protection systems (APS). Current technology development is concentrated in the following three areas: a. RF Countermeasure (RFCM) technology for jamming or deceiving APS sensors used for detection, acquisition, and tracking; b. long standoff warheads for shooting from beyond the range of APS fragment producing countermunitions; c. ballistic hardening of ATGW to reduce vulnerability to fragment impact.

RF Countermeasures: MICOM RDEC is developing concepts for deceiving and jamming APS sensors. By end of FY97, a digital model of an APS radar will be completed, passive and active RFCM breadboards will be designed and fabricated, and a test radar will be designed and fabricated. By FY98, bench test and evaluate RFCM breadboards. By FY99, demonstrate prototypes of selected RFCM concepts.

Warhead Countermeasures: MICOM RDEC, ARDEC, and ARL-WTD are currently working together in developing CAPS LSW technology for ATGW. The ultimate objective of these efforts is to demonstrate the target defeat of Turret Front armor with LSW fired from outside the range of threat APS. In FY96, MICOM will complete an investigation of jet particle dispersion at 10m standoff. In FY97, MICOM will test and evaluate current LSW at 6 and 10 m. In FY96, ARL will refine a current Steady-State-Jet design, test it, and design a 2-stage warhead. In FY97, build and test 2-stage warhead to investigate sequenced jets and design multi-stage warhead. In FY98, build and test multi-stage warhead and evaluate alternative liner material. In FY96, ARDEC will demonstrate a LSW at 30 CD. In FY97, 45 CD. In FY98, 60 CD.

Supports: Dismounted Battle Space, Early Entry Lethality and Survivability Battle Labs; PEO Tactical Missiles, CCAWS AMS-H, Javelin, BAT.

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