Annex A. Science And Technology Objectives (STOs)
Army Science and Technology Master Plan (ASTMP 1997)

III.G.18p. Advanced Electronics for FCS. By 4Q04, complete transition of integrated electronics package and crewstations to Future Combat Systems (FCS) Integrated Demonstrator. This program will support the on-vehicle integration of the Crewman's Associate ATD (STO III.G.3) crew station and VETRONICS Open Systems Architecture (VOSA) (STO III.G.12) into the FCS Integrated Demo (STO III.G.17p). The VETRONICS Systems Integration Laboratory (VSIL) will be modified to act as an FCS vehicle trainer to allow vehicle test crews to train in the FCS crew stations in a simulated battlefield environment before the actual vehicle is fielded. The Battle Labs/DCDs/PMs will conduct on-vehicle evaluations of the VOSA and Crewman’s Associate in field exercises, BLWEs, and Advanced Warfighting Experiments (AWEs). Modifications to the VOSA and Crewman’s Associate designs will be implemented as problems are identified. These modifications will be integrated into the VSIL for evaluation before reintegration into the FCS TD for subsequent field trials. Upon completion of both the laboratory experiments and field trials the VOSA/Crewman's Associate Design Handbooks will be updated (FY03). In support of the FCS TD, this program will define the electronic architecture upgrades required to support the FCS TD’s integration of ultra-high power electronic components (i.e., electric drive, electric gun, etc.). In FY02, the VSIL will be upgraded to support the integration of high power electronic components and thermal analysis tools. Extensive experiments will be conducted to define the upgrades to the VOSA necessary to support high power requirements of future vehicle developments. This program will be completed in FY05 with the update to the VOSA Design Handbook. By 4QFY01, initiate on-vehicle integration of VETRONICS Open Systems Architecture and Crewman’s Associate plans for the FCS TD. By 2QFY02, conduct an electronic power consumption analysis for FCS. By 3QFY03, modify VSIL to act as FCS Trainer. By 1QFY04, participate in FCS on-vehicle experiments. By 4Q04, validate FCS electronic integration via warfighter experiments. By 4QFY04, revise VOSA/Crewman’s Associate design. By 3QFY02, upgrade VSIL to integrate High Power Components and thermal analysis/modeling tools. By 4QFY03, validate FCS electronic integration via SIL.

Supports: Army C4I Technical Architecture, Abrams, Bradley, Crusader, and Future Combat System.

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