Annex A. Science And Technology Objectives (STOs)
Army Science and Technology Master Plan (ASTMP 1997)

III.G.16p. Mobility Demo for Future Combat System. By FY05, complete all warfighting experiments with Advanced Mobility Future Combat Systems and complete integration into FCS integrated vehicle demonstrator. This effort will develop and demonstrate an advanced propulsion system which consists of a high power density, low heat rejection, engine (Diesel or Turbine), an electric drive and power conditioning system, an active suspension system, an automatic track tensioning system, and an advanced track. This propulsion system will meet the requirements of the Future Combat System and main weapon. Improvements in operational effectiveness will be field demonstrated. Increased cross country mobility and platform stabilization will be achieved with either a fully active suspension which uses electric actuators or a semiactive/active hydropneumatic suspension. These advanced suspensions will improve lethality and target acquisition by providing improved platform stablilization. Improved survivability and the silent operation capability of the electric drive system will be demonstrated. The development of an electric power architecture where generated power can be delivered according to an established control and precedence strategy will allow mobility and lethality (EM gun) improvements to be demonstrated. Improved vehicle speed and grade climbing ability will be achieved with a high power density, low heat rejection, diesel or turbine engine and an advanced track which has an automatic track tensioning system that reduces rolling resistance and increases track life, resulting in reduced O&S costs. The engine, the electric drive and power conditioning components, the suspension and track components will be designed to be significantly lighter and smaller than present propulsion components. The resulting propulsion system will improve the deployability of the Future Combat System. The electric drive hardware to be integrated will be funded primarily by DARPA and managed jointly by the Army and Marines. The advanced engine, track, and suspension will be developed at TARDEC. By FY06 TARDEC will complete integrated mobility system and durability demonstrations.

Supports: Future Combat System, Crusader Upgrades, Future Infantry Vehicle.

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