Annex A. Science And Technology Objectives (STOs)
Army Science and Technology Master Plan (ASTMP 1997)

III.G.14. Future Scout and Cavalry System (FSCS) ATD. By FY02, this ATD will demonstrate, through virtual prototyping, demonstrator hardware testing and user field experimentation, the feasibility and operational potential of a lightweight scout vehicle platform by integrating scout specific technologies with complementary advanced vehicle technologies. In FY97, design advanced crew station(s). In FY98, build high fidelity crew station simulators, transition virtual prototype, and competitively award the ATD contract. In FY99, develop preliminary designs from the virtual prototype, initiate a vehicle-level Systems Integration Laboratory, and demonstrate scout mobility and survivability technologies in User Warfighting Experiments. In FY00, develop detailed design and initiate subsystem fabrication. In FY01, complete subsystem fabrication and perform demonstrator fabrication/integration. This program addresses issues including sensor capabilities, survivability strategies, and mobility enhancements. The use of virtual prototyping will allow the developer and warfighter to evaluate a variety of configurations prior to demonstration/fabrication. This evaluation will determine the optimal combination of target acquisition, survivability, mobility, lethality, and transportability technologies prior to building the ATD. Specific technologies include: scout sensor suite, advanced crew stations, commercially-based open systems electronic architecture, advanced command and control, advanced survivability systems, electric drive (leveraging DARPA’s Hybrid Electric Power Program), semi-active suspension, lightweight track, advanced lightweight structural materials and armors, and medium caliber weapon. This integration effort utilizes technologies developed and demonstrated by the Ground Propulsion and Mobility STO (III.G.11), Target Acquisition, Multi-Functional Sensor Suite, Hunter Sensor Suite, Combined Arms Command and Control, Digital Battlefield Communications, Hit Avoidance, Crewman’s Associate, Intra-Vehicle Electronics Suite, and the Composite Armored Vehicle ATDs, as well as DARPA’s Hybrid Electric Power Program.

Supports: Scout Integrated Concept Team (ICT) recommendations, Validated Mission Need Statement (MNS), and Draft Operational Requirements Document (ORD) for Future Scout and Cavalry System.

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