Annex A. Science And Technology Objectives (STOs)
Army Science and Technology Master Plan (ASTMP 1997)

III.G.11. Ground Propulsion and Mobility. Ground vehicle mobility advances for the 2001 combat and tactical vehicle fleets will be achieved through cooperative agency electric drive research and high performance ground vehicle running gear technology developments. Running gear advances will apply sensors, intelligence, and new material technologies to tracked and wheeled vehicle suspension systems. These mobility advances will enhance system survivability and operational effectiveness through smaller and lighter systems with improved ride and agility, reduced acoustic (30 to 50 percent reduction and IR signature, and quiet slope operations for reconnaissance/scout type missions.

By 2001, demonstrate the operational effectiveness and survivability enhancements of semi-active suspension and band track technologies applicable to the tracked and wheeled fleet. Fully active and intelligent active suspensions along with band track will be 6.2 funded and evaluated technically on a vehicle demonstrator and operationally in force effectiveness simulations. The integration effort will result in a Ground Propulsion Mobility (GPM) Technology Demonstrator which will be electrically driven, provide superior firing/surveillance platform stability and capable of generating the power demands of an EM Gun and other all-electric vehicle requirements. Through a partnership formed by the Army, Navy, and DARPA, demonstration of electric drive technology for combat vehicles will take place by 2001. Ongoing DARPA and USMC projects on electric drive technology will be leveraged to develop combat vehicle test beds in the Future Scout Vehicle weight class.

Milestones: FY97—Determine ATD vehicle requirements; FY98—Demo high power MOS thyristor, Complete Operational effectiveness simulation payoff predictions; FY99—Track and suspension vehicle demonstration; FY00—Finalize selected energy storage concepts; FY01—MOS controlled thyristors demo in vehicle, performance testing of GPM-TD, and validate operational effectiveness predictions through test.

Supports: FSCS ATD, FCS, Electric Armaments, Future Electrically driven vehicles, Future medium weight combat vehicles, tactical wheeled vehicles, Battle Labs—EEL, MTD, DBS, DSA, CSS. Dual Use Supports commercial electric vehicles and commercial diesel engine technology.

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