Annex A. Science And Technology Objectives (STOs)
Army Science and Technology Master Plan (ASTMP 1997)

III.F.08. Rapid Battlefield Visualization ACTD. The goal of this ACTD is to integrate and demonstrate capabilities to generate, disseminate, and exploit high resolution digital terrain databases rapidly to provide 3-D visualization of the battlefield to support crisis response and force projection operations. Six elements will be integrated, evaluated, and demonstrated: (1) rapid access to archived data; (2) rapid collection of high resolution terrain elevation data and multi-spectral imagery using a tactically viable platform; (3) semi-automated extraction of terrain features; (4) rapid dissemination of databases over global broadcast; (5) a hierarchical spatial database management system that will accommodate multiple scales, resolutions, and dynamic updates; and (6) visualization workstations that will allow mission planning, rehearsal, course of action analysis, and embedded wargaming. By FY98, demonstrate capability to satisfy Army requirement for 20 km x 20 km terrain data set in 18 hrs and use data to plan crisis operations. By FY99 meet 72 hr requirement for 90 km x 90 km terrain data set, integrate with intelligence and situational awareness data, and wargame courses of action. By FY00, demonstrate ability to collect high resolution digital terrain data over 300 km x 300 km area within 12 days, generate tailored databases, and support battlefield visualization systems to provide overwhelming tactical advantage.

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