Annex A. Science And Technology Objectives (STOs)
Army Science and Technology Master Plan (ASTMP 1997)

III.E.09. Digital Battlefield Communications ATD. This ATD will exploit emerging commercial communications technologies to support multimedia communications in a highly mobile dynamic battlefield environment. It will supplement and, in some cases, replace "legacy" military communications systems which are unable to keep pace with the rapidly increasing demand for communications bandwidth and global coverage in support of Digitized Battlefield and split-based operations. It will evolve an integrated communication infrastructure which utilizes commercial protocols and standards to achieve global interoperability. Beginning in FY95, NDI wideband data radios will be evaluated and procured for testing in TFXXI. By FY96, commercial ATM technology will be integrated into actual tactical communications networks to provide "bandwidth on demand" to support multimedia information requirements. BCBL(G) will be supported in the DBC ATM experimentation through DS-3 connection to other service labs from FY96-99. In FY96 and 97, this program will demonstrate Direct Broadcast Satellite technology in support of JWID 96 and TFXXI AWE FY97. In FY97, Multi-Level Security requirements will be addressed by the insertion of TEED hardware into TFXXI and wideband HF technology will be procured, tested in the CECOM DIL, and inserted into the tactical internet. Leveraging from supporting 6.2 technology base programs, low profile SATCOM antenna technology products for both military (UHF, SHF) and commercial (C, Ku, X), and SATCOM OTM from tactical vehicles will be demonstrated in FY96 and 97. By FY99, an integrated phased array antenna will be demonstrated for the RAP. Work will continue on a full sized phased array antenna to address multibeam satellite and terrestrial high data rate communications on the move throughout FY99. Commercial terrestrial PCS will be demonstrated in FY97 and 98, respectively, to exploit both commercial CDMA and BCDMA technology for MSE access. In order to extend ATM services to forward tactical units, a Radio Access Point (RAP) will be prototyped and tested in FY98. The RAP utilizes a high capacity on-the-move trunk radio to feed a variety of mobile subscriber services. By FY98, both manned and unmanned aerial platforms will be fitted with wideband relay packages to support OTM tactical operations, supporting bandwidths of up to 155 Mbps. This effort will be coordinated with and executed in conjunction with DARO. Applicable products found to be acceptable through our commercial communications technology laboratory (C2TL) program and evaluated jointly with TRADOC Battlelabs will be inserted into the DBC program. This ATD will conclude in FY99 with the insertion of appropriate technology products in CORPS XXI AWE in support of high capacity digitized communications and split-based operations.

Supports: PM JTACS Tactical Multinet Gateway, ISYSCON, Task Force XXI, Future Digital Radio (FDR), CGS ATD (Advanced Antenna Technology), PROTEUS, JADE, JWID 94, DIV XXI, Corps XXI

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